A Mandelbrot set plotter written in CoffeeScript. Source code is here.

This application needs the canvas element. This application needs the canvas element.

Region: XXX (link)

You can zoom in on a rectangular region by selecting it with the mouse and then pressing "Render".

Iterations per pixel controls the level of detail. Higher values provide more precise results but take longer. They may also hide some level of detail further from the edge of the actual set (i.e. the black regions) due to the way colours are chosen.

Pixels per event determines how many pixels are computed at one time before control is returned to the browser. Higher values make the browser less responsive (and may bring up the "stuck script" warning) but will (in theory) speed up actual rendering. Actual experiments show it to not be worth the bother.

Reverse colors reverses how colors are mapped to the single computed value. Using this may or may not look cooler.

Disable histogram coloring keeps the colors you see while the image is being rendered. This is highly dependent on iterations per pixel and loses you a lot of detail in certain parts of the set. On the other hand, it sometimes looks cool. Checking this also disables smoothing.

Disable smoothing disables smoothing, which eliminates banding artifacts.

Copyright  ©  2012, 2015 Chris Reuter. This program is available under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2 and is distributed with NO WARRANTY.